Welcome to VetExpo

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, VETEXPO 2019 International Veterinary Science Congress was held in Istanbul on September 20-22, 2019. However, the 2020 and 2021 congresses were postponed due to the possible risks of the pandemic. Because the all process was controlled to a certain extent and the vaccination rate increased, we decided to take up where the congress left off.

Although our congress was held for the first time in 2019, there was great interest and participation. A total of 68 local and foreign academicians and veterinarians specializing in their subjects made oral presentations in three halls, as well as nine posters were displayed. Our freelance colleagues, academicians, colleagues working in different public institutions, colleagues from different countries, Ph.D. students, and senior students participated in the presentations about pet, exotic, and ruminant species.

The data relating to the congress have been evaluated by us and used as a guide for our new congress. VETEXPO is especially focused on young colleagues and academics, it is planned to be able to add a vision to them. Our congress aims to create an opportunity for young people to get to know their colleagues, improve their communication skills and meet with industry companies while starting their professional life. VETEXPO is working to become a congress that gives particular importance to scientific quality and provides more opportunities to our colleagues, especially in terms of implementation.

The next congress will be held at the ‘Pullman Hotels & Convention Center, Istanbul’ hotel, which has one of the largest foyer areas in Istanbul with a large and sufficient number of halls in accordance with the pandemic conditions. The congress will have separate regulatory boards and areas for the pet, ruminant, exotic and other areas that will cover almost small congresses within themselves. The notices, scientific researches and case presentations called at the congress will be shared with you as papers and posters. In addition to scientific events, this congress will provide sector companies with the chance to introduce and demonstrate themselves in the mood of a fair in large areas and independent venues that will be provided. It is our greatest wish that all the companies serving our congress that caters to all our fields of work will be situated.

Our aim is to create an increasingly institutionalized congress where the latest technological developments are transferred to medical science and academicians and colleagues who are working in the field are brought together.

We are waiting for all our colleagues to the VETEXPO-2022 congress, where professional knowledge will be shared every minute, they will be very tired, yet we hope it will be worth it.

Best regards

Prof. Dr. Murat ARSLAN

Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, ISTANBUL
Chairman of the Board